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Children working in the classroom
26 September 2023

Tax Compliance Simplified: A Guide for the Education Sector

Are you part of the education community in the UAE? We’ve got something special for you! Our upcoming webinar is designed for simplifying taxation in the Education Sector in the UAE. Navigating the tax landscape and ensuring compliance is important for educational institutions. This session will help you to understand taxation and maintain compliance within the sector.

At a car dealership, buying a car
10 October 2023

VAT Insights for the UAE's Automotive Sector

Gain a clear understanding of the UAE’s Tax Laws for the Automotive Sector with our upcoming webinar. Whether you’re a dealer, auto-mobile enthusiast, or industry professional, this webinar is your stop for navigating the tax landscape. Buckle up and join us for an informative ride!

Accountant woman reads good news on laptop with excited and raising fist to celebrate achievement
24 October 2023

What You Should Know Before Starting a Business Dealing with Excisable Products in UAE.

Are you intrigued by the prospects of the UAE’s excise industry? Join us for a comprehensive webinar that will help you with essential knowledge before venturing into a business dealing with excisable products in the UAE. Excise taxation plays a critical role in the UAE’s economy, and understanding it is important for startups to ensure compliance and successful operations. Whether you’re entering the beverage, tobacco, or energy sectors, this webinar will provide valuable insights to handle the challenges and opportunities while dealing with excisable products.

Past Events

Startup small business SME
14 September 2023

Corporate Tax For SMEs : A Guide for Tax Compliance and Small Business Reliefs

We invite you to join us for a webinar focused exclusively on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UAE. Navigating Corporate tax can be a challenging task, but we’re here to make it seamless for you. Our expert-led session will provide you with everything you need to handle Corporate Tax and ensure your business thrives within the UAE’s business landscape.

Doctors at hospital working in the doctor office.
29 August 2023

Clarifying VAT in the Healthcare Industry in the UAE

Join us on the 29th of August 2023, from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM for an insightful and informative webinar that delves into the intricate world of Value Added Tax (VAT) within the healthcare industry. The healthcare sector in the UAE holds a vital role in promoting well-being through top-notch medical services. As this sector continues to evolve, staying up-to-date with the latest VAT updates and regulations is imperative to ensure transparency, compliance, and efficient financial management.

Woman is working at warehouse for online store.
15 August 2023

Understand VAT, Corporate Tax and Excise Tax in Free Zones and Designated Zones in the UAE

The implications of VAT, Corporate Tax, and Excise Tax on businesses operating in UAE’s free zones and designated zones are significant. Businesses need to understand the specific tax regulations, comply with the requirements, and consider the broader implications of their business strategy. Furthermore, businesses should embrace the benefits and incentives available in these zones to maximize their success. In this Webinar, ITC’s Team will elaborate more on the taxation…

Taxation and Annual tax concept
25 July 2023

VAT Impact on Transportation and Logistics Sector

Understanding the VAT impact on the Shipping and logistics industry is crucial as the UAE holds the reputation of being a leading multi-modal transit and re-export hub. The UAE caters to the logistics demand from major markets including Europe, Asia, Africa, the US, and other countries in the Middle East. The UAE has beaten stiff competition from other GCC countries due to the development of stronger infrastructure in the form of the Dubai logistics Corridor, modernization of seaports and airports, development of JAFZA, and the expansion of airports.

20 June 2023

Corporate Tax Law in the UAE : Is your business ready?

With the Corporate Tax Law around the corner in the UAE, ITC Accounting & Tax consultancy conducted a webinar to understand the law and how businesses should prepare. Additionally, the team discussed the new amendments that are now in action since the June 2023

Businessman giving presentation discussing project with group of people at corporate training.
15-16 June 2023

Understanding Taxes in UAE 2023 - Corporate Tax | Private Session

ITC Accounting & Tax Consultancy organized a private session in Abu Dhabi for one of the leading companies in the UAE. The two days Event commenced with information on The Current Amendments of UAE Corporate Tax Law and its formal practices to follow. Additionally, The New Corporate Tax regime and its importance in UAE was one of the important topics covered in the event.

Business woman accountant working audit and calculating expense financial with smart phone annual
16 May 2023

Tax Audits in the UAE: A comprehensive guide for Businesses

Our Tax Partner Mr. Ahmed Sharafeldin and our Tax Manager Ms. Nikita Bhandary join forces and delivered an informative webinar on FTA Audit Notifications, how to prepare and stay compliant. Check out the entire webinar below.

12 April 2023

FTA Audit Notifications: What Businesses Need to Know

The UAE has completed 5 years since the introduction of VAT (Value Added Tax), which brings mandatory record-keeping and FTA audits into the spotlight. As a result, many companies have already received a notice of the start of the audit process for VAT, which obliges them to maintain the records for an extended period of additional years (As per FTA requirement) from the date of receiving the notification. 

Male Chinese warehouse worker with clipboard
21 March 2023

The New Excise Tax Public Clarification Announced by FTA on Designated Zones effective from 1st April 2023

ITC hosted an insightful webinar on the latest Excise Tax Update 2023 – Designated Zones. Their expert analysis delved into the intricacies of this update, covering a range of topics such as the Key Amendments, Impact on Businesses and Potential Strategies to navigate the changes, among other key takeaways. 

VAT wooden cube with golden coin on growing money stairs
28 Feb 2023

Webinar - Rundown on Five Years of VAT in UAE

With the completion of 5 years of a tax regime in the UAE, ITC Accounting & Tax consultancy unveiled the first set of major amendments in the VAT Law. Additionally, discussed the upcoming changes that foreseen to come into action in near future. 

22 Feb 2023

Business Breakfast in Collaboration with Russian Business Council - Five years of UAE VAT Law and Impact of the New Corporate Tax Law

ITC Accounting & Tax Consultancy hosted a Business Breakfast event in collaboration with Russian Business Council. This event covered the topics like Impact of the New Corporate Tax Law, Completion of five years of UAE VAT Law and lastly what is foreseen in upcoming months in Taxation in UAE.

Business breakfast
21 Feb 2023

Business Breakfast Event - A Rundown on Five Years of VAT Law in UAE

ITC Accounting & Tax Consultancy hosted a Business Breakfast Event in Abu Dhabi. The session highlighted the Dynamics & Updates of UAE VAT Law in the past five years and how the new amendments would affect the businesses.

Value Added Tax (VAT)
15 Feb 2023

Understanding Taxes in UAE 2023 - VAT Law & Corporate Tax | Private Session

ITC Accounting & Tax Consultancy organized a private session in Abu Dhabi for one of the leading companies in the UAE. The Event commenced with information on The Current Amendments of UAE VAT Law and its formal practices to follow. Additionally, The New Corporate Tax regime in UAE was one of the important topics covered in the event.

02 Feb 2023

Business Breakfast Event in collaboration with Finnish Business Council - Key Insights on New Corporate Tax Law

Business Breakfast Event with leading industry experts in collaboration with Finish Business Council and Norwegian Business Council. In this event, ITC Team discussed on the Key Insights of the New Corporate Tax Law and how it is affecting businesses.

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