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How to use Emara Tax for claiming Direct VAT Refunds?

When the amount of the input tax exceeds the output tax on VAT Return, taxable persons in the UAE can seek a VAT refund. In the UAE, you can request a VAT refund using the VAT 311 form, which is available on the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) portal. Tax registrants can obtain a refund after filing the VAT return for that concerned tax period. However, the process of claiming a direct refund has changed since the advent of the UAE Emara Tax platform.

Taxable persons need to understand how the Emara Tax platform works to successfully initiate the direct VAT refund request.

How to Log into the Emara Tax Platform?

Taxpayers can access their Emara Tax accounts using their login credentials or the UAE Pass. Those who have yet to make an account on the UAE Emara Tax can do so by clicking the ‘sign up’ option. Individuals who have forgotten their password can reset it using the “forgot password” tool.

Taxpayers who successfully log onto their Emara Tax account using their registered email and password may see the Emara Tax online user dashboard. If you chose two-factor authentication, you would need to insert the OTP sent to your registered email and mobile number in order to log in. You will be routed to UAE Pass if you wish to log in. After successfully logging in with UAE Pass, you will be taken to the Emara Tax online user dashboard.

Steps to Submit a VAT 311 Refund Request on Emara Tax:

After successfully logging into the Emara Tax portal, you must follow certain regular steps to submit a direct UAE VAT refund request. The necessary steps for submitting a VAT 311 reimbursement request on the Emara Tax portal are as follows:

1. Selection of User Type

Options such as ‘Taxable Person,’ ‘Tax Agents,’ and ‘Tax Agencies’ can be found in the user profile. There are also ‘Special Refunds’. You can select the suitable option by clicking on it.

Choose Taxable Person.

Because this instruction is for Taxable Persons, you must select the ‘Taxable Person’ tile. To proceed with your choices, click the ‘Proceed’ button.

2. Select VAT Module

The home page of the taxable person can be found here. You may notice options such as ‘VAT’, ‘Excise Tax’, ‘Payments’, ‘My Correspondence’, ‘User Authentication’, and ‘Other Services’ in the left sidebar. Choose the VAT module at the top of the sidebar.

3. Click on VAT 311 Tile for Refund Requests

You may view all your prior VAT refund requests in the VAT Module. A dashboard will appear, displaying information about your prior VAT 311 reimbursement requests. To initiate a new refund request, click on ‘New Refund Request’. The instructions and guidelines that follow clarify important information such as required templates, supporting evidence, eligibility requirements, and the expected time to fulfill the refund request. Check the box to confirm that you have read and comprehended the instructions and recommendations.

4. Proceed with the Refund Request

Take the following actions:

  • Click ‘Back’ to return to the previous page.
  • Click ‘Start’ to begin the refund request.
  • Choose the relevant tax period for which the tax refund request to be filed.
  • Enter the amount you wish to claim as a refund. The amount must be equal to or less than the linked transaction type’s “Excess Refundable VAT Amount.”
  • To upload a completed template, click ‘Upload Filled Template’. The values in the table will auto-populate after the template is submitted.
  • Provide the highest value of invoices for the selected line item in your VAT return.
  • To upload the appropriate document, click the ‘Add’ button or drag and drop your files. When the document is successfully uploaded, the ‘Add’ button will turn green.
  • Once the template and related documents attached the refund request is ready to be submitted in the FTA portal.

This article was published on  13 April 2023

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