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With the launch of Excise Tax in UAE, we saw an opportunity to bring about a change the way VAT and Excise Tax are looked at. With the goal of being one of the best Tax Consulting agencies in Dubai, UAE. We have carefully examined our clients in different fields and what challenges they are facing. Our services are tailored according to the needs and requirements of the clients. We provide a complete range of services starting from VAT and Excise filings and payments, VAT and Excise Audits, Reconsideration process for the penalties, accounting and bookkeeping, and Registration of companies in the Designated Zones.

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ITC assists each client with utmost sincerity and professionalism. We aim to maintain a healthy relationship with our clients by customizing to their requirements and assuring that we are providing them with the best possible services. We have excellent knowledge about the market and how cumbersome Taxes can work as an advantage to our company and this aspect grows as a consultancy.

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ITC is the top TAX consultancy in UAE, Our experts will help you solve all your tax problems more efficiently by providing timely information so that you can make better decisions about your company’s future growth.


We offer a modern and professional approach to traditional bookkeeping and Accounting practices and other financial reports.


ITC build relationship more than contract.


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