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Article 4 - Streamlining Mark Affixation Processes for Excise Goods

Article 4 – Streamlining Mark Affixation Processes for Excise Goods

In a bid to regulate and oversee the labeling of Designated Excise Goods, Article (4) establishes a meticulous set of procedures. This framework places responsibility on Importers, producers, and Authorized Suppliers, aiming for a seamless process while upholding stringent controls.


Section 1: Request and Information Submission

To initiate the mark affixation process, Importers or producers within the State must submit a formal request to the Authority. This request should encompass details concerning the desired quantity of Designated Excise Goods intended for marking. Additionally, any pertinent information required by the Authority must be included, following the process outlined by the Authority itself.


Section 2: Authority Approval and Mark Acquisition

The Authority meticulously evaluates the submitted request. If approved, the subsequent step entails purchasing Marks from an entity designated by the Authority. The selection of this entity follows procedures delineated by the Authority, ensuring a standardized and transparent acquisition process.


Section 3: Authorized Supplier’s Role

Authorized Suppliers hold the pivotal role of supplying Marks to Importers or producers. This stage operates in alignment with mutually agreed-upon procedures between the Authorized Supplier and the Authority, emphasizing the necessity for procedural consistency and adherence.


Section 4: Exclusivity of Authorized Suppliers

Solely Authorized Suppliers are sanctioned to provide Marks, unequivocally prohibiting any other individuals or entities from engaging in the trading, exchange, sale, or any form of supply involving Marks. This exclusivity safeguards the integrity and authenticity of the marking process.


Section 5: Facilitated Mark Distribution

Importers within the State are granted the prerogative to request Authorized Suppliers to directly provide Marks to Designated Excise Goods producers. This strategic provision caters to producers located both within and outside the State, enhancing the operational flexibility of the supply chain.


Section 6: Fee Authorization and Payment

Prior to the issuance of Marks, Importers or producers are mandated to settle the prescribed fee, the value of which is established and authorized by the Authority. This financial step underscores commitment and adherence to the regulatory framework, ensuring a streamlined and compliant process.


Through Article (4), a meticulous roadmap for mark affixation is laid out, harmonizing the efforts of various stakeholders to achieve a structured and regulated process for Designated Excise Goods.



In the realm of Designated Excise Goods, Article (4) stands as a beacon of structured control and efficiency. By delineating procedures, roles, and regulations, this article establishes a robust framework that governs the affixation of marks. The collaboration between Importers, producers, and Authorized Suppliers, all under the watchful eye of the Authority, underscores a commitment to transparency, integrity, and compliance. Through these carefully designed steps, Article (4) ensures a seamless process that safeguards the authenticity and credibility of marked goods within the realm of excise regulations.

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This article was published on  25 September 2023

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