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ITC is a Tax Consultancy company whose mission is to challenge the Status Quo in the Tax environment. Since its inception, ITC’s Team has assisted hundreds of taxpayers to stay compliant with tax laws and regulations, supported them in the communication with Federal Tax Authority and helped them reduce or completely remove their tax exposure.

With compliance in mind and passion for what we do, our team always goes the extra trying to help companies every step of their journey. From the moment our clients are registering for VAT, Excise or Corporate Tax, our Advisory, Compliance and Tax Litigation teams are ready to help them with any service related to taxation.

FTA Approved

Being FTA Approved Tax agents, we help businesses in implementation & compliance with tax laws and regulations.

Tax Litigation

We design a winning litigation strategy to represent clients in tax assessments and court appeals.

Tax Compliance

We ensure that our clients are always updated with any changes which can impact their business, procedures or operations and advise them accordingly.

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Meet Our Managing Partner

Ahmed Sharafeldin

Managing Partner

As a Founding Partner of ITC, Ahmed Sharafeldin is an integral part of the company. Having performed hundreds of Tax Audits and being involved in more than 100 Tax Litigation cases, he brings to the table a vast experience in Taxation and Compliance.

In 2019, after realizing how confusing the application of the Tax Law still is for the majority of tax payers, he moved forward from the government and founded ITC Tax Consultancy. His goal of ensuring as many companies as possible are compliant with all the Tax Laws and Regulations became the company’s mission and he recruited, trained and built a team that shares his passion and dedication.

Since ITC’s inception, Ahmed conducted hundreds of VAT and Excise Health Checks, including many of the groups in UAE and the region. With a extensive reputation in Tax Litigation, he was involved in strategy building in many Tax Litigation cases, as he successfully assisted companies in reducing hundreds of millions in administrative penalties.

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