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What You Should Know Before Starting a Business Dealing with Excisable Products in the UAE.

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Date - 24 October 2023

Time - 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


Online (Webinar)


Are you intrigued by the prospects of the UAE’s excise industry?

Join us for a comprehensive webinar that will help you with essential knowledge before venturing into a business dealing with excisable products in the UAE. Excise taxation plays a critical role in the UAE’s economy, and understanding it is important for startups to ensure compliance and successful operations. Whether you’re entering the beverage, tobacco, or energy sectors, this webinar will provide valuable insights to handle the challenges and opportunities while dealing with excisable products.

Webinar Focus:
Key Considerations Before Starting a Business Dealing with Excisable Products in the UAE

Key Highlights:

Expert Insights: Our experts in Excise taxation and business startup will guide you through the Dos and Don’ts of the Law of dealing with excisable products.

Regulatory Landscape: Understand the UAE’s excise tax framework, regulations, and compliance requirements.

Industry-specific Challenges: Dive into the specific challenges that startups in the beverage, tobacco, and energy sectors might encounter. Discover how to overcome these complexities and establish a strong foundation for your business.

Licensing and Permits: Gain insights into the necessary licenses, permits, and approvals required to operate a business dealing with excisable products.

By participating in this webinar, you will gain valuable insights and set the stage for a successful journey in the business of excisable products in the UAE.

Event Details


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