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Enhancing Control: UAE's Decision on Marks for Designated Excise Goods

In a move aimed at strengthening regulatory oversight and ensuring compliance, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has introduced a comprehensive decision concerning the marking of certain excise goods. The decision outlines the specific dates of availability of marks, fees for their purchase, secure storage protocols, and the overall implementation timeline. The measures reflect the UAE’s commitment to effective taxation management and safeguarding the integrity of the market.

Designated Excise Goods Defined:

The decision designates “Designated Excise Goods” as encompassing all categories of cigarettes. This classification forms the basis for the subsequent regulations pertaining to the availability of marks and their application.

Key Dates to Note:

As of January 1, 2019, marks will be made available for order placement by importers and producers of Designated Excise Goods, initiating the process of marking compliance.

However, from May 1, 2019, importing Designated Excise Goods lacking the mandated marks will no longer be permissible, reinforcing the requirement for marked goods to enter the state.

Subsequently, as of August 1, 2019, the supply of Designated Excise Goods within the state that do not carry the necessary marks will be prohibited, further emphasizing the importance of adherence.

Fees for Marks Purchase:

The decision stipulates that the fee for procuring marks will be AED 0.084 per mark. Importers and producers are obligated to settle this fee prior to the issuance of marks, contributing to the implementation of the marking system.

Stringent Storage Regulations:

To ensure the integrity and authenticity of the marking process, the decision enforces rigorous storage protocols for marks before their application. These include measures such as restricting unauthorized access, maintaining comprehensive records of marks quantities, preventing physical damage to marks, and guarding against unauthorized duplication or tampering. Storage entities must provide requested information to the Authority to verify compliance with these regulations.

Implementation Timeline:

This comprehensive decision is set to take effect on January 1, 2019. Its provisions signify a significant step towards enhancing the oversight of Designated Excise Goods and promoting tax compliance.


The UAE’s decision regarding marks for Designated Excise Goods underscores the nation’s dedication to ensuring accurate taxation, preventing the entry of unmarked goods, and maintaining the integrity of the market. By setting specific dates, fees, and storage guidelines, the UAE is taking proactive measures to streamline the process, deter unauthorized activities, and bolster the effectiveness of its excise taxation framework.

This article was published on  23 August 2023

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