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VAT Health Check - Why is it important?

A VAT health check is a crucial evaluation of a company’s compliance with United Arab Emirates (UAE) value-added tax (VAT) legislation and regulations. Businesses can reduce possible risks, spot areas of non-compliance, and exploit cost-saving possibilities by assessing and updating VAT compliance procedures and processes. An overview of a VAT health check’s objective, main tasks, and advantages for businesses doing business in the UAE is given in this article.

A VAT health check mainly consists of assessing a company’s VAT compliance to make sure it complies with the most recent UAE VAT laws and regulations. It includes a thorough examination of the processes, documentation, and procedures relating to VAT. The goal is to locate any risk, non-compliance, or inefficient areas while also finding ways to cut costs and streamline processes.

Laws and Circumstances

Several essential tasks are completed as part of a VAT health check to thoroughly evaluate the company’s VAT compliance status.

Assessing VAT Compliance: In this step, the processes, policies, and records related to a company’s VAT compliance are carefully examined. Invoices, contracts, and other pertinent papers will be carefully examined to make sure they comply with the UAE’s VAT laws.

Finding Cost: Saving Opportunities: Another aspect of the VAT health check is finding potential places to cut costs. This is accomplished by assessing the business’s input VAT claims, VAT recovery procedures, and looking into additional tax benefits that may help to lower expenses.

Giving Advice: Throughout the health check process, businesses can get professional advice and guidance on VAT-related issues. This involves making sure that the VAT regulations are applied to certain transactions or company endeavors. Maintaining compliance with the most recent criteria necessitates keeping up with changes in VAT legislation.

Creating VAT Returns: The VAT health check entails creating and submitting precise VAT returns on the company’s behalf. It guarantees that the returns contain the proper transaction disclosure and that the tax liability is paid on time.

Conducting Training: Training is essential for maintaining optimal VAT compliance. The staff of the company is trained on best practices and procedures for VAT compliance as part of the VAT health check. This makes sure they are knowledgeable about relevant updates from the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) and stay up to date on them.

Companies may proactively examine their VAT compliance, identify potential risks, streamline operations, and adhere to the VAT laws and regulations of the UAE by doing a VAT health check. This not only reduces non-compliance problems but also creates opportunities for cost savings and raises operational effectiveness generally.

This article was published on  21 June 2023

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